To do for life: a comic book artist/graphic novelist 2.get comic book published 3.create street art master piece 4.have a stand up hour at a comedy club one day 5.perform in rocky horror 6.create a political modern satire(like chuck palnuick fight club)7.teach little kids to draw at hospital 8. in the candy store 11. dye hair a funky color evey month for a year a tatttoo artist 13.photograph graffiti and street art downtown 14.learn circus tricks and stunts for a day 15.illustrate a childrens novel 16.illustrate for a atim burton film in a burlesque cabret show

My Life:
I want to love my life and die knowing that I lived it exactly the way I wanted to.
I want to look back and have memories of me smiling,laughing and dancing through life.
I always want to be open to any opportunity,challenge or adventure that comes my way.
I want to work on my art projects and see all my ideas come to life.
I want to have fun.
I want to make sure I make everyone I encounter smile and laugh at least once a day.
I want to always be around people I LOVE and am inspired by.
I want to be a part of a community of like-minded artists.
I want to be remembered as someone that left an impact on the world,I want my life to be remembered as a work of art.
I will stop doing all of the above… on the day I die.


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