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In these beautiful globe-trotting photographs, a girl leads her boyfriend around the world by the hand, but it seems to him, she’s the most gorgeous sight. She features prominently and flatteringly in each photo, and at each amazing place.

Rather then upload traditional tourist pics, Murad Osmann and his girlfriend spend a lot of time traveling and collaborating on an art/photography project called “Follow Me.” On his Instagram account, Murad uploads photos from London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hong Kong among other exotic locales with the theme “Follow Me.” In them, the viewer sees Murad’s hand clutching his girlfriends and her from behind, as she rushes excitedly into new worlds.

If this doesn’t make you want to travel — or have an amazing, beautiful partner to share those adventures with — I don’t know what will. It’s so romantic, and I am so jealous, I could die.

I know traveling with…

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